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Amagasaki (尼崎) is a city in Japan found in the Hyogo Prefecture. Today there is an estimated 462, 000 people spread throughout the 50 km land. Quite crowded, Amagasaki has been deemed one of the most cooperative cities of Japan with everyone ready and willing to pitch in with the development of what is quickly growing to be an incredible contribution to Japan.

Amagasaki takes great pride in their incredible views of wonderful land, great parks, and booming industry. Working to preserve the greatest of the city by encouraging healthy living, wildlife preservation, and a clean environment has brought the people of Amagasaki together.

With the tremendous growth of Amagasaki the land has become so crowded many of the wonderful agricultural contributions such as the ama-imo potato, issun-mame bean, and ama-no-kiage soy sauce have almost come to a complete halt with very little area left to develop crops. To keep the industry spirit up Amagasaki is now working to establish superior technology business with success looming very near.



Amagasaki is said to have a very interesting history; however there is little published in English. One thing that we do know about the history is that the city had to be reconstructed after a war in the Edo Era. The reconstruction still continues, over 100 years later, due to limited funds and difficulty with government policies.

On April 25 2005, Amagasaki was the location of the Amagasaki train crash, a tragedy in which 162 people were killed and over 500 people were injured. The driver (killed in the accident) was deemed responsible for the train's derailment due to excessive speed, though it has been speculated that the working conditions and penalties drivers face contributed to the tragedy.

Points of Interest

There are many great points of interest in Amagasaki Japan. One of the most popular tourist attractions is the many cultural landmarks all being taken care of to restore and maintain the great history surrounding the land.

You can also take part in the quest through Amagasaki for cultural arts, museums, and beautiful views of the open water.

Famous Faces

Nobuharu Asahara and Jun Osakada, both born and raised in Amagasaki, have competed in the world Olympics since 1996. Known as two of the fastest sprinters in the world, they took 4th place at the Olympics held in Athens.

World renowned champion soccer player Akinori Nishizawa has called Amagasaki home since going pro in 1995. His talent in soccer is so great he was one of the few to make it into the World Cup in 2002.

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