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Beard Papa’s is a Japanese Cream Puff Company that began in 1999 in Osaka. Despite its recent beginnings, Beard Papa’s has grown considerably within the past 9 years. It now has franchises in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Indonesia, the United States, Korea, Australia and Singapore and plans on opening new establishments in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada and even the Middle East. It has over 550 stores, including over 300 outside of Japan.

Beard Papa’s is best known for its filled pastries available in a variety of flavors. The standard flavors are vanilla and chocolate, however Beard Papa’s has some additional flavors like green tea, pumpkin, coffee, strawberry and éclair that are often seen in the stores but not necessarily mainstays in the menu.

Beard Papas also has additional items, but cream puffs are its primary source of popularity.


It was founded by Yuji Hirota in 1999. With the goal of serving the world’s best cream puffs, Beard Papa’s’ popularity in Japan helped it expand at a rapid pace.

Today, it is not only available in on street corners and in dedicated Beard Papa’s stores. It also has its own product sold in grocery stores as well as other venues. For example, in Seattle, Washington (in the United States) there is a Beard Papa’s inside Safeco Field baseball stadium and a small Beard Papa’s stand inside of a local grocery store. Both represent areas and locations where Beard Papa’s is trying to expand.

Currently, Beard Papa’s is owned and franchised by the Muginoho Group, which also owns Tio Gluton (cheesecake), Toho-Bijin (fruit desserts), Onya (Udon Noodles), and Torigo (charcoal fired meats).

Additional Products

In addition to the Cream Puffs, Beard Papa’s also has Mochi Ice Cream, a “Mango Ice Shower” (shaved ice topped with mangos), Cheesecake, Fondant Au Chocolate (rich chocolate cake with chocolate filled center) and Mont Blanc (French chestnut cream custard).

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