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Design Tide (also known as DesignTide Tokyo) is an annual Japanese design showcase trade show that displays many different kinds of design art, from interior design to graphic design to fashion design and so on.



Design Tide started for the first time in 2005. The goal of Design Tide is to showcase the art of design, rather than the quality of a specific type of design. There are 3 parts of the Design Tide program.

The Design Exhibition

This is the most important aspect of Design Tide. Here is where designers in many different kinds of fields come to display their recent works. The exhibition is not just for designers, however. Manufacturers of various products showcase their work and buyers come as well. Journalists are out in full force for the exhibition aspect to report on any new design breakthroughs. Still, Design Tide has managed to keep it at its core, as a way of helping people consider the concept of design and creativity.

Tide Market

The next part of the Design Tide program is the Tide Market, where individuals can actually buy recently produced design goods. It also allows designers to do some market research on the floor. This is for every day individuals looking to purchase any of the designs they saw at the exhibition.

Tide Extension

To make the exhibition a larger event in Japan, the Design Tide creators have worked out deals with many different Tokyo shops and galleries for them to also display new design creations while the event is being held. This way, Tide Design becomes an event for the entire city of Japan rather than one that is limited to the venue.

Design Tide 2008

Design Tide 2008 is scheduled to be held at the Tokyo Midtown Hall from October 30th through November 3rd. As of September 29th, 2008, the extension locations have not yet been named and they are still taking designers.

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