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Higashiosaka (東大阪) (sometimes Higashi-Osaka) is a city in Japan resting east of Osaka in the Osaka Prefecture. To date, there are approximately 511,000 people with the population growing very quickly.

The economy of Higashiosaka is booming with education and skill development a priority in the commerce lists. The area college opened its doors in 2002 creating an incredible growth in the scores of education development. As for industries, Higashiosaka is home to some of the leading technology companies including Sanyo, Sharp, Nissin, and hundreds of other companies popular worldwide.


Higashiosaka was founded in early February of 1967. While the exact history of Higashiosaka is unpublished at this time, one thing that is certain is the great amount of planning that went into its development. To create perfect balance, the city was planned down to the politics and created slowly to ensure no errors were made. This has turned Higashiosaka into the perfect city offering Japan an incredible place to rest its roots.

Points of Interest

If you’re traveling to Higashiosaka you are sure to have busy days with hundreds of great things to see. With many things to choose from, the natural gardens and Japanese historical sites are among the top tourist attractions. If you are looking to learn everything there is to know about Higashiosaka and the Japanese culture behind it you may travel a very short distance to Osaka where there are many museums to venture into.

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