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PIERROT was a Japanese visual rock band, originally founded in 1994 by Kirito and Jun in Nagano. The original band members were Hidelow on vocals, Kirito and Jun on guitar, Kohta on bass, and Luka on drums. In November of that year, Luka left and Takeo joined. Then, in February 1995, Hidelow also left the band while Aiji joined, completing the final line up: Kirito on vocals, Aiji and Jun on guitar, Kohta on bass and Takeo on drums.

PIERROT was one of the oldest bands still around in 2005 in the Japanese rock scene. They started off like any other visual kei band and made their major label debut in September 1998 with the single "CLEAR SKY" (クリア・スカイ). Their final album was "DICTATORS CIRCUS -A deformed BUD-", a best album with singles spanning from 10 years of their career. Their final single was "HELLO", an apt title for a band who started their major career with an album called "FINALE".

The vocalist, Kirito, embarked on a solo career in 2005, and released his first solo album, titled "Hameln", on August 3, 2005.

On April 12, 2006 the band announced its disbandment.

Kirito, Kohta, and Takeo have since started a new band called Angelo, and they released their first single, aptly titled "REBORN", on November 8. Their debut album, titled "REBIRTH OF NEWBORN BABY", was released on April 18, 2007.


KIRITO (Vocal/sound/concept) Real Name: Murata Shinya Birthday: February 24, 1972 Birthplace: Sapporo, Hokkaido Favourite colours: Blue and green Now part of the band Angelo together with Kohta and Takeo, and he has his own solo career.

AIJI (Guitar/sound) Real name: Mizui Shinji Birthday: November 17, 1974 Birthplace: Nagano, Japan Favourite colours: Purple and red. Now part of the band LM.C with Maya (formerly Miyavi's guitarist).

JUN (Synth guitar/sound) Real name: Yamaura Jun'ichi Birthday: May 4, 1973 Birthplace: Nagano, Japan Favourite colours: Blue and green Now part of the band ALvino with KOJI (ex-La'cryma Christi) and Shouta.

KOHTA (Rhythm/Bass) Real name: Murata Kohta Birthday: June 3, 1975 Birthplace: Sapporo, Hokkaido Favourite colours: Black and silver. Now part of the band Angelo together with Kirito and Takeo.

TAKEO (Rhythm/Drums) Real name: Ishikawa Takeo Birthday: July 11 Birthplace: Fukushima-ken, Japan Favourite colours: White and blue. Now part of the band Angelo together with Kirito and Kohta.

Discography Please note "<>" is substituted for unknown dates of when something was released.

Singles Screen Released April 22, 1998 クリア・スカイ Kuria Sukai (CLEAR SKY) Released September 10, 1998 (Debut single) MAD SKY-鋼鉄の救世主- MAD SKY -Koutetsu no MESSIAH- (MAD SKY-Steel Messiah-) Released December 02, 1998 ハルカ... Haruka... (Far away...) Released February 24, 1999 ラストレター Rasuto Retaa (Last Letter) Released April 28, 1999 CREATURE Released December 22, 1999 (Maxi single) AGITATOR Released June 07, 2000 (Maxi single) 神経がワレル暑い夜 Shinkei ga WARERU Atsui Yoru (The Hot Night my Nerve Broke) Released September 27, 2000 (7th MAXI SINGLE) PARADOX Released May 06, 2001 (Diverging point single) DRAMATIC NEO ANNIVERSARY Released August 29, 2001 (Maxi Single) COCOON Released November 21, 2001 (Maxi single) 壊れていくこの世界で Kowareteiku kono Sekai de (In this Breaking World) Released March 27, 2002 (Maxi single) PSYCHEDELIC LOVER Released August 28, 2002 (Maxi single) HILL-幻覚の雪- HILL -Genkaku no Yuki- (HILL -Illusive Snow-) Released December 18, 2002 (Maxi single) 薔薇色の世界 Barairo no Sekai (A Rose-Coloured World) ネオグロテスク Neogurotesuku (NEOGROTESQUE) 夕闇スーサイド Yuuyami SUUSAIDO (Twilight Suicide) Released June 18, 2003 (Triple A-side Maxi single) 脳内モルヒネ Nounai MORUHINE (Intercerebral Morphine) Released December 03, 2003 (Maxi single) SMILEY SKELETON Released: June 30, 2004 (Maxi single) MYCLOUD Released October 20, 2004 (Maxi single) HELLO Released June 21, 2006 (Final single)

Albums 気狂いピエロ Kikurui Piero (Mad Clown) Released December <>, 1994 Features HIDELOW on vocals パンドラの匣 PANDORA no Hako (Pandora's Box) Released July 21, 1996 (1st Indie album) CELLULOID Released September 03, 1997 (2nd Indie album) FINALE Released July 07, 1999 (1st Album) PRIVATE ENEMY Released November 22, 2000 (2nd Album) HEAVEN: THE CUSTOMIZED LANDSCAPE Released May 24, 2002 (3rd Album) ID ATTACK Released July 23, 2003 (4th Album) DICTATORS CIRCUS -奇術的旋律- DICTATORS CIRCUS -Kijutsuteki Senritsu- (DICTATORS CIRCUS -Magical Melody-) Released December 17, 2003 (Best Selling album) FREEZE Released December 01, 2004 (5th Album) DICTATORS CIRCUS -A variant BUD- Released April 06, 2005 (Singles compilation) DICTATORS CIRCUS -A deformed BUD- Released June 08, 2005 (Single B-side compilation)

Movies/DVDs Prototype Released December 20, 1998 '"Film" Rising a MAD SKY at NIPPON BUDOKAN Released September 08, 1999 TOUR 1999 FORETELLER'S MUTATION FINAL -THE GENOME CONTROL- Released March 15, 2000 DICTATOR'S CIRCUS V (Video/2 Vol. Set) Released December 20, 2000 PROTOTYPE II Released December 20, 2000 PROTOTYPE III Released December 19, 2001 PROTOTYPE I+II Released: [December 19, 2001] TOUR RARADOXICAL GENESIS "ANNIVERSARY" 2001.9.23 YOKOHAMA ARENA (DVD) Released April 23, 2003 DICTATOR'S CIRCUS VI at SAITAMA SUPER ARENA Released April 23, 2003 ATTACK [to] THE FREEDOM (contains 3 discs) Released: <>, 2004 Fanclub only DICTATORS CIRCUS VII -A variant BUD-/-A deformed BUD- [SAITAMA SUPER ARENA] Released <>, 2005 Fanclub Only PROTOTYPE IV Released December 14, 2005

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