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The year 1903 in Japanese history and events related to Japan that occurred in this year.


1903 Politics

1903 Births

Princess Kuni Nagako was born to Prince Kuni Kuniyoshi and his wife, Chikako. She was engaged to Crown Prince Hirohito, which was unusual because she was not of the same clan as he was. In 1924 she married the Crown Prince and became the Crown Princess of Japan. Once Hirohito took over the throne, Princess Kuni Nagako became Empress Kōjun. She bore the Emperor seven children and remained the empress consort, or kōgō until 1989, which cemented her place in Japanese history as the longest lived empress consort. She passed away in 2000.

Ozu was a very well known film director in Japanese history. He became well-known due to the technical style and the innovation of the films, as he had more narrative content than films had back then. He declined to conform to Hollywood standards, instead having the camera look directly at the actor instead of over their shoulder. He used direct cuts, when fades were popular. Ozu became well known for movies such as Late Spring, Tokyo Story and The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice.

1903 Deaths

No Notable Deaths

1903 Entertainment

  • Katei-no-Tomo (The Companion of Family) was begun. (Magazine)
  • October - The first movie theater arrives in Japan. The Kenkikan opened its doors in Asukusa.

1903 Sports

  • San Francisco Fujii Club

A group of Japan Americans began their own baseball team in San Francisco.

1903 Business

  • No notable events yet found.

1903 Other

  • January – Japan Makes Demands

Japan made demands that Russia remove all of the troops that it had in Manchuria. Russia swears that they will remove their troops, but they never do so.

  • July – Russia On The Move

Russian troops move further south, crossing the Yalu River and setting up a base there. They open up a trading port and make themselves at home with permanent housing.

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