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The year 1905 in Japanese history and events related to Japan that occurred in this year.


1905 Politics

1905 Births

Sada Abe is a Japanese actress that gained infamy due to cutting off her lover’s penis and testicles and carrying them around with her. Abe was the youngest and her mother seemed to want to turn her into a geisha, as she was given lessons in singing and other “geisha-like” activities. She was raped when she was 15, a traumatic experience which changed her. She became so uncontrollable that she was sold by her parents to a geisha house. She became a low-ranking geisha, not having the training to be a high-class one, and wound up getting syphilis. Abe became a full-fledged prostitute in Osaka, and sometimes worked licensed, other times not licensed. Abe eventually worked at a restaurant owned by Kichizo Ishida. He became fascinated with her and the two got together. Abe claimed that Ishida was the love of her life, and started threatening him with a knife. He believed it to be a joke and laughed it off. On May 18, 1936, Abe strangled Ishida to death while he was sleeping. She then cut off his genetalia with a kitchen knife, wrapped them in the cover of a magazine, and put them in her purse. They were still there when she was arrested three days after the murder. She claimed that she severed his genetalia because it was the part that gave her the most “vivid memories”.

1905 Deaths

No Notable Deaths

1905 Entertainment

  • Yakota Shokai sets up studio in Japan.

1905 Sports

  • No notable events yet found.

1905 Business

  • No notable events yet found.

1905 Other

A Russian commanding officer decided to withdraw, giving the port to the Japanese, without asking the permission of a higher council.

The Japanese were able to go northward after Port Arthur fell. They knew that their only hope of winning was to destroy the army before they received reinforcements. They attacked the Russians for three weeks, when the Russian military decided to retreat to an area directly north of Mukden.

  • May – The Win

The Japanese managed to trap the Russian ships in Tsushima Straits. Because of a tactical blunder on one of the Russian ships part, the Russian fleet was more or less annihilated. Eight battleships were destroyed and more than 5,000 Russian military men were killed. The Czar of Russia decided to negotiate peace with Japan, due to the Russian Revolution occurring in his own country. He agreed to withdraw all of his troops from Manchuria and signed over the lease to Port Arthur.

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