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Air Gear (Ea Gia) is a manga, or Japanese comic book, that was created by Oh! Great. Oh! Great is a mangaka, or manga artist, whose name, when translated into English, translates into “Oh great”. He is most known for Air Gear and for Tenjho Tenge, and for the use of his amazingly beautiful female characters. Air Gear was first released in 2003 and has currently had 17 volumes. It can be found in the Weekly Shounen Magazine.


Air Trecks

Air Trecks are the skates that are used in Air Gear. They are a fictional type of motorized inline skates. They have a wheel motor, a power injection system, and a hydraulic cushion system. Each pair is extremely expensive and customizable. The motors and cushions in them allow the users to do stunts that would never be possible on traditional inline skates. In a way, the Air Trecks allow their users to fly. The normal Air Trek has two wheels, but some have been customized for four.


Itsuki Minami is known as a juvenile delinquent in his school. He is the leader of a gang known as the East Side Gunz. Itsuki, more often known as Ikki, discovers that the women who have been taking care of him, the Noyamano sisters, have a secret. They belong to Sleeping Forest, an elite group of Strom Riders who are known as the Kings of Air Treks. They give Ikki a pair of Air Treks and he goes after the Skull Saders, a group of Storm Riders who humiliated him earlier on in the day. Once Ikki experiences the flight that one can get from wearing Air Treks, he is hooked, and wants to become the best Storm Rider he can.


  • Itsuki Minami – Ikki is the main character, who gets sucked into the world of Air Treks when he discovers how amazing they can be. He ends up creating Team Kogarasumaru.
  • Kazuma Mikura – Kazuma is more often called Kazu. He is Ikki’s best friend and is a great Storm Rider himself. It is rumored that he may become the Flame King.
  • Onigiri – Onigiri is also Ikki’s friends, and he has the strangest way of wearing Air Trecks: upside down. He puts them on his head and is able to do amazing things.
  • Issa Mihotoke – Issa originally belonged to Team Yaou. Team Kogarasumaru defeated Team Yaou, and the members separated. Eventually Issa found himself becoming a power rider for Ikki.
  • Ringo Noyamano – Ringo is the Thorn Queen. She often helps Ikki as the Croissant Mask, a superhero that she has made up. She is worried about Ikki, and loves him. She tries to get him to stop using Air Treks, but is unable to.
  • Mikan Noyamano – Mikan is a tomboy who is known as the task master of the family. She often picks on Ringo and Ikki.
  • Shiraume Nayamano – Shiraume creates puppets and is excellent with machines. She is the youngest of the three sisters and is able to defeat Ikki when she shows him that she is a Gravity Child, and can alter the gravity on the Earth.

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