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Brahms Path (ブラームスの小径) is a street that runs parallel to the more famous Takeshita Dori in the Harajuku area of Tokyo, Japan. Brahms Path runs along beside Takeshita to the south and like it's more popular neighbor, the street is lined with cafes, shops, and boutiques. In general, Brahms is much less crowded than Takeshita as many tourists never stray away from the main road.


Brahms Path Name

The street is sometimes called Brahms Alley or Brahms Street or Brahms Road by English speakers, but the correct translation from Japanese seems to be Brahms Path. The name apparently comes from the composer Johannes Brahms, who is immortalized in a single small statue bust along the path. Some people call the more south east portion of the street, where it goes toward Meiji Dori, Mozart Street (モーツァルト通り), because there is a relief portrait of the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on that portion of the path.

Brahms Path Shops

There are many shops and cafes on Brahms Path.

Brahms Path Access

Brahms is most easily accessed by taking the JR Yamanote Line to the JR Harajuku Station. Exit Harajuku Station at the Takeshita Exit and proceed down Takeshita until you see a street on your right. Take a right on that street and walk until the road ends, then turn left. Once you turn left, you are on Brahms Path. If you keep walking straight on the street, you will eventually reach Meiji Dori.

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