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CA4LA is a Japanese headwear designer best known for its collection of everything from caps, hunting caps, knit headwear, and berets, to hair bands, accessories, and visors. Targeting teens and 20-somethings, the brand is based entirely out of Tokyo, producing almost all of its products there and shipping them to stores throughout the world.



Owned by Weave Toshi Co., which was founded in 1989, CA4LA was officially started in 1997 with a store in Shibuya. It was moved to Harajuku one year later and a new test store was opened in Harajuku in 2003. The first overseas store for CA4LA was opened in February of 2006 in London.


The headwear created by CA4LA is designed by more than a dozen different designers who each are permitted their own differing views and styles in their designs, to create something as versatile as possible – the website for CA4LA thus allows visitors to search for products by designer instead of by style if they choose. Additionally, numerous collaborations have been done with companies such as Adidas, Kiyoshi Kuroda, ELYKISHIMOTO, Misa Harada, and even Disney.

Test Store

The test store which opened in Harajuku in 2003 is an offshoot of the main line of headwear designed to provide a deeper headwear experience for consumers by carrying imported brands of fashion and art from around the world. Largely experimental at first, the store proved to be a great success and has thus remained in Harajuku to date.

Where to Buy

CA4LA has expanded and is now available in the test store located in Shibuya, the main store in Harajuku, and additional stores in Daikanyama and Osaka. An international store is also located in London and the products are available in a number of high end department stores in Tokyo including Shibuya 109.

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