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Chrono Crusade (Kurono kuruseido) is a manga written by Daisuke Moriyama. Moriyama is working on another manga series, but is most well known for Chrono Crusade. It was first published in the Monthly Dragon Magazine in 1998. The series was turned into an anime in 2003 and ran for one full year.


Chrono Crusade is set in the United States in the 1920s. There is an organization that has made it their mission to eradicate demonic threats in the US. They are known as the Order of Magdalene. The Order of Magdalene consists of two people: Sister Rosette Christopher, and Chrono, a demon. Sister Rosette is on a mission to find her brother, Joshua, who was kidnapped by a devil named Aion. Aion is seeking to control the world, and Heaven, and knows Chrono from his past. Together, Chrono and Sister Rosette battle demons and try to find, and save, Joshua.


  • Rosette Christopher – Rosette’s main goal in demon slaying is to save her brother, Joshua. It is discovered that Rosette is the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene. She has a clock around her neck which holds her “life force”. She can open the watch and release some of it in order to increase Chrono’s power. This does shorten her life, and she knows it. She believes that she will have a very short life, and does not think that she will be thirty years old.
  • Chrono – Chrono is a devil who used to be evil. He met Mary Magdalene and fell in love with her, and changed from being evil to fighting for justice. Aion wanted to defeat Chrono, and so took his horns, which are the source of power for a devil. The only way that Chrono could gain any of his power back was to find a person who was willing to give up part of their life in order for him to have power again. He chooses Rosette. He is extremely powerful and also very friendly.
  • Joshua Christopher – Joshua is known as the Apostle of Hope. He is Rosette’s little brother and discovered at an early age that he was able to cure people’s illnesses. Unfortunately, he can not cure his own. He has been sick since he was young and is resentful that he can cure other people, but not himself. Aion seduces him with Chrono’s horns and Joshua takes them. The horns make Joshua able to heave people’s thoughts and he gets driven insane. It is after this that Aion takes full control of him.
  • Azmaria Hendric – Azmaria is the Apostle of Charity. She is twelve years old and is able to heal people using only her voice. When she sings, angel wings appear from her back and almost any injury can be healed.
  • Aion – Aion’s plans are to get all of the Apostles under his power so that he can restart the world. He is the main villain in the series and was once friends with Chrono. He believes that by getting all of the apostles under his command, he can tap into the “Astral Line”, which would allow him to bring about the end of the world.

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