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Devilock is a Japanese clothing and production company. Known for a wide array of productions including clothing, toys, musical events, pro wrestling, and fights, Devilock has become extremely popular throughout Japan’s youth.



Devilock was started in November of 1996 by Noriaki Endo with the first select shop in Ebisu, Tokyo. The first store was one of a very few in the region and with word of mouth and media attention, it grew quickly into one of its biggest. The company relocated in 1998 to the Palmstore in Ebisu. Later, in 2002, the company had expanded to have more than 10 Palmstores throughout Japan and was producing its first music event, with Devilock Night, as well as its own TV Show with Devilock TV and multiple organized fighting matches.


Since 2002, Devilock has engaged in multiple collaborative projects including those with Visuall, Futura, Stash, Kaws, Kostas, Pashead, Russ, WK, Jayquon, Eric So, Sevenstars, 2006/Number Nine, Master Mind, and Kitty&Palmboy.

Devilock Party

The music event run by Devilock was started in 1997 and was sponsored exclusively by the company with domestic bands and DJs from throughout Japan. The first show was held at Club Citta Kawasaki and the second year the show went national, with shows throughout Japan on Devilock Night Tour. The next year, the event was a two day affair and gathered more than 20,000 fans. By 2001, the show was traveling internationally with presentations in Hong Kong. Since then, Devilock puts on a different form of its annual music show each year with major events including DEVILOCK 1, 2, 3, and 4 held in 2007.

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