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It's no secret that Tokyo Disneyland Tickets system can be a bit confusing! There are many combinations of Disneyland park tickets to choose from and if you don't get it right you could be wasting a lot of money.

A few more things to consider before you come -
How to avoid long lines at Disneyland Rides?
Which Rides At Disneyland Tokyo are Top Rated by travelers?
Before we start I recommend you catch up on some Tokyo Disney Safety Tips for a safe and pleasant trip.
You may also want to prepare for Disneyland Japan special effects. Why? Because you don't want to stand in line for 45 min just to find out that this is one of the Disneyland Attractions that will scare your kids.
Not all Disneyland Rides are suitable for children.I'm not talking about height restrictions (you can find details on that at Tokyo Disney most common FAQs).

Tokyo Disney was the first Disney Park to be built outside of the United States. It was opened in 1983 and was built as a lookalike of the Disneyland in California and in Florida.

There are seven theme parks in Disneyland Tokyo.

The huge success of Tokyo Disney Resort, led to the decision to open a second park at the same site, and so Tokyo Disney sea was opened in 2001.
Tokyo Disney Sea is a fantastic theme park.
It's hard to believe the size and the variety of the attractions. Some people say it puts other new Disney theme parks to shame.

Peak Seasons In Disneyland Tokyo A good idea would be to Plan your trip at 'off peak' to minimize costs and avoid endless queues at the Tokyo Disney Resort. Did you know that until recently Disneyland Tokyo was the most visited theme park in the world?
During the busy summer months the park sometimes closes its doors and stops letting people in around noon, because it has reached its maximum capacity.
When are 'peak seasons'?
Disneyland Tokyo is most crowded on weekends.
There are four seasons at Tokyo Disney : Value, Regular, Peak and Top. Value season is mainly weekdays in January and February. Regular season is mainly weekdays in May, September, October, November and the first half of December. Peak and Top seasons include most Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, the last half of July, all of August and the late December through early January holiday season.
It's best to avoid Peak and Top seasons not only because of high prices but because of the long lines.
Tokyo Disneyland Japan has signs in English, so there is no problem navigating. However, some of the shows are in Japanese, with few having subtitles in English, but it's easy to get the general idea.
Disney employees are mostly Japanese, and explanations on some of the Tokyo Disneyland rides are naturally in Japanese.
Tickets are sold at the main entrance, but usually there is a very long line, so it's better to purchase tickets in advance while you are planning your vacation.

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