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Himeji (姫路) is a city in Japan found in the Hyojo Prefecture. About 276 km area, there are currently approximately 489,000 people calling the land their home. Those living in Himeji describe the environment as relaxing due to the great amount of parks, activities, and community festivals.

One of the companies based in Himeji includes the Shinkin Bank. The economy in Himeji relies greatly on tourism with the whole city catering to those wanting to get a feel for traditional Japanese culture. The castle of Himeji brings a tremendous amount of tourists in creating huge revenues each year. This castle has been a part of Himeji history for hundreds of years, once known as the largest in all of Japan.


Himeji began as a castle town with this being an important staple in the cities development. Many feel the luxuries and ideas of that time still live the hearts of those surrounded by the beauties of Himeji. The history of Himeji all begins in the earliest years of the 17th Century. It was at this time that the castle went up making Himeji a genuinely perfect place to rest your head.

Since the earliest times, Himeji has grown greatly as it still continues to merge with other smaller towns surrounding it. As recently as 2004, several cities merged with Himeji increasing the population by 50%.

Points of Interest

  • Himeji Museum of Art This museum has great relevancy in the history of Japan as it was once the Japanese Army armory housing some of the most important military equipment. It is now the home of a beautiful display of Belgian art with popular artists from all over the world placing their creations inside its walls.
  • Hyogo Prefectural Museum of History Stepping into this museum is described as stepping straight into the history of Hyogo including Himeji. Filled with wonderful technology to help explore the past, this history museum has libraries, a theater, and even offers educational courses.
  • Himeji City Zoo The city zoo is one of the most popular attractions for children and adults alike. With gardens, animals, and exotic plants there is plenty for the whole family to enjoy. The city officials have deemed the zoo a perfect place to find out what Himeji is all about; representing some of the cultural foundation the city was built upon.
  • Himeji Castle For those looking for the roots of Himeji there is quite an attraction at the Himeji Castle. This castle has been standing since the beginning of the cities time and still maintains its perfectly structured appearance.

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