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Hirosaki (弘前市) is a city in Japan situated in the Aomori Prefecture. Today there is an estimated 200,000 people filling the 524 km area. The Hirosaki castle still stands today creating a huge tourist attraction and driving in many new residents. While it does show aging it still remains a symbol of the great history which took place in Hirosaki.

The land is precious in Hirosaki due to the great amount of money made by trading fresh fruits, vegetables, and natural herbs. The perfect climate and environment makes for great farmland which still dominates as Hirosaki’s greatest industry. In fact, this city has been recognized as the leading producer of apples with greater numbers than any other city in Japan.

Another contribution to the cities revenue is fish and seafood. Many notable fish and seafood providing companies call Hirosaki and the surrounding areas their home.


Hirosaki can be traced back to development of the castle in 1611. While this was the time of establishment for the city, many recognize the land the city rests on as very important to the Japanese culture. Hundreds of legends surround the land with many agreeing the spiritual significance in the establishment without any abolishments. Founded during a great era of war, Hirosaki is one of the few cities who have never been devastated by despair of war.

The history of Hirosaki continues with growth reported almost every year. As recent as 2006, there have been additional merging cities creating an increased population and better organized city.

Points of Interest

  • Neputa Matsuri Hirosaki is home to one of the most important festivals in all of Japan and abroad. The Neputa Matsuri is planned for year round and enjoyed by people who travel from all across the globe. The festival is described as being colorful, energetic, and magical in theme with great dancers, performers, and acrobats all taking their spot in the show. Many tremendous performers have worked their entire to life to train for the festival deeming it the height of their career.
  • Hirosaki Castle The Hirosaki Castle remains are showcased in their original and natural state with very little being done to maintain the structure. This has actually brought in great attention as most tourists are appreciative of the true spirit felt around the quarters.
  • Temples of Hirosaki There are several temples still standing from the very early of years of Hirosaki development now representing another great story of its past. It is said that these temples were constructed to protect the spirit of the castle; something many people felt an essential part to maintaining the spirit of the city.

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