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Hitachi (日立) is a city in Japan found in the Ibaraki Prefecture. The special name Hitachi represents the meaning “sunrise” and has been thought of as such. Today there are more than 212 thousand people calling this city their home and this number has been rising with the popularity of the city. The industries of Hitachi have been defined by the success of a world renowned company Hitachi Ltd.

Another booming industry is the copper mining in Hitachi. The copper mine has been deemed the largest of its kind bringing in great revenue through trade. Copper is actually what is said to have put Hitachi on the map in the earliest days of industrial development.


The establishment of Hitachi can be linked as far back as 1939, the time at which the Municipal Administration was formed. It quickly grew to be the largest city of its prefecture with more than 90,000 people by 1944.

Hitachi was one of the many Japan cities to meet its doom during the world war. Fighter jets dropped bombs that wiped out over half of the city and took thousands of lives. The numbers suggest that over 70% of Hitachi was completely demolished during the attacks.

By 1946 the city had picked up many of the pieces devastated by the war and began redeveloping the land. Lots of hard work, dedication, and overall patience of the people created the union needed to get through the tough times caused by war.

Points of Interest

Hitachi has beaches, parks, museums, libraries. Peace Street was created to represent the struggles during the war and symbolize the Japanese idea of peace throughout their country and abroad. To capture the hearts of those that remember the days the city has organized parades which symbolize beauty brought on by peace.

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