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Katsuta (勝田) is a city in Japan which merged into the Japanese city Mimasaka in 2005. Prior to this the population of Katsuta was about 4,000 in an area of 88 km. This conversion took Katsuta from the Katsuta District with it now resting in the Okayama District.

Katsuta, or common day Mimasaka, is popular for being a goods distribution center based on many great means of transportation including an airway, ports, and the expressway network. Today this industry is still growing becoming the largest of its kind in Japan.

The Katsuta area is famous for their special grown white peaches. These peaches are treated very carefully being ripened in their own small bag; a method said to make them better than all other peaches in the world.


The history of Katsuta is unclear with most access to information, in English, limited based on the conversion into Mimasaka. What we do know is that Katsuta was converted into the larger city Mimasaka in April of 2005.

Points of Interest

The area around Katsuta is known for being perfect based on an amazing climate. Perfect levels of rain, sunshine, and wind combine to create beautiful scenes in parks spread throughout the entire Okayama District. Some of the most popular places tourists enjoy visiting include:

  • Koraku-en Japanese garden is very large offering any visitors an incredible view of so many important aspects only found in the Japanese environment. Many ponds, streams, specialty houses, and tea gardens allow the tourist to truly relax in the peace of a natural garden.
  • Okayama Castle is important to many people interested in the history of Japan. This unique castle was destroyed in WWII but restored shortly after. Many Japanese feel the Okayama Castle stands as a symbol of their ability to repair and move forward after the devastation left by the war.

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