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Kushiro (釧路) is a city located in Japan. Kushiro is the capital city of the Kushiro Sub-prefecture. The actual prefecture is the Hokkaido Prefecture. Kushiro City includes the two national parks - Kushiro Shitsugen National Park and Akan National Park. There is also an adjacent town with the same name which tends to be confusing. The city is located on the Pacific coast in Eastern Hokkaido. The population of this city is 187,550 over 221 square kilometers.

Often times this area is referred to as the food base of Japan. With an abundant agricultural production centering on dairy farming, forestry and profuse resources and fisheries that boast one of the largest catches in Japan this area is known as a primary industry city.


The port of Kushiro was originally called Kusuribasyo. The lord of Matsumae clan dispatched ships to trade with Ainu in the Tokugawa Shougunate over 370 years ago. In 1869 this area changed names from Kusuri to Kushiro. In 1899, the port was officially opened, but was not designed as a major port until 1951.

In 1920, Kushiro Town became Kushiro-ku. In 1922, Koshiro-ku became Kushiro City.

In 1969, the construction of the West Port began. This port has been an important part of this district.

Points of Interest

  • Kushiro Marsh is the largest wetland in Japan and it accounts for 60% of Japan's wetland areas. It was designated under the Ramsar Convention in 1980 and became Japan's 28th National Park in 1987. The marsh is one of the greatest houses of flora and fauna in Japan and its protection and preservation is protected by a national agreement.
  • Kushiro City Zoo is the second largest in Japan. It was established in 1975. Since the climate is cool it provides a great environment of Northern Animals. A series of successful, but difficult, breeding of several species such as the Blakiston's Fish-Owls and Japanese Cranes have occurred. The zoo is at the end of the Kushiro Shitsugen or wetland. It is 20 kilometers from the city or a 50 minute bus ride.

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