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MOS Burger (モスバーガー) is a chain of fast food restaurants located in Japan. MOS is an anagram for Mountain Ocean Sun. It is the 2nd largest fast food restaurant in Japan behind only McDonalds.



Founded by Satoshi Sakurada, Mos Burger opened its first store in March of 1972. By July, the company established itself as “MOS Food Services, Inc.” By 1983, MOS Burger opened its first franchise store and by 1979 (just 7 years after the first MOS burger opened) the 100th store was established.

Since its inception, several subsidiaries have been created, including MOS Supply, Inc., MOS Credit, Inc., MOS Burger Kyoei-kai, FFT (Tomos), Inc., and MOS Food Holdings Company.

The 200th MOS burger was opened in 1983, the 500th in 1986, and the 1000th by 1991. There is now 1387 fast food restaurants spread out throughout Japan. There are also MOS burger locations in Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The company made 5.91 billion yen in 2007 alone.


Address (English):

Address (Japanese):

  • 日本141-6004
  • 東京都 品川区 大崎二丁目1番1号
  • ThinkPark Tower 4階


  • 03-5487-7371


The three most popular menu items at MOS burger are the Mos Burger, the Rice Burger and the Teriyaki Burger.

The Mos Burger is 400 calories with 36.6 carbohydrates, 14.7 grams of protein, 21.7 grams of fat and 1.8 grams of salt.

The Teriyaki Burger is 435 calories with 38.6 carbohydrates, 13.8 grams of protein, 25.1 grams of fat and 2.3 grams of salt.

The Rice Burger is 235 calories with 43.5 carbohydrates, 4.2 grams of protein, 4.3 grams of fat and 2.0 grams of salt.

The Rice Burger was released in 1987 and was quickly one of the most popular burgers at MOS Burger. The same thing occurred with the Teriyaki Burger, which was first offered in 1973 and is the first Teriyaki Burger sold anywhere in the world.

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