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Maebashi (前橋) is a city in Japan. It is the capital of Gunma Prefecture. It is within the Kanto Region. The city is 100 kilometers north of Tokyo, Gunma-gun to the west, Takasaki and Isesaki to the south, Kiryu to the east and Mount Akagi to the north.

The city is along the banks of the Tone River. The population of the city is 320,000 people with a total land area of 241 square kilometers. The city flower is the rose and the city tree is the Gingko.

The economy mainly focuses around Primary and secondary industries. The modern industries of the area include transport equipment and electrical equipment. Other traditional primary industries include agriculture and the production of silk products.


Maebashi's original name was Umayabashi. The name was derived from a bridge on a small tributary of the Tone River. The name evolved into Mayabashi and then to Maebashi towards the end of the 7th century.

In 1470, The Umayabashi Castle was built.

In 1567, the castle was destroyed during the Pandemonium of 1567 and the town was moved to its present day location on the river flat.

In 1867, the Matsudaira family gained control of the area, but lost control during the Meiji Restoration. In 1892, the city was founded. During World War II, over 80% of the city was destroyed. Despite the attacks by Allied Forces, the city became a modern prosperous city.

Points of Interest

  • Tone River is also known as Bando Taro. This is the second largest river and has the largest basin area in Japan. In the early summer a person can enjoy fishing. There is a Water Park built on the riverbed of the Tone River as part of Maebashi Park. There is a fountain, a pond and waterfall and is a relaxing place for people that live there and tourist a like. On either bank of the Hirose River, which flows through the center of the city, anyone can enjoy taking a walk on the trail, enjoying the scenery and historical monuments.
  • Maebashi Park was the first park to open during the Meiji Period. The Sachi Pond imitated the shape of Gunma which is viewed by some to be a flying crane. This is a place of relaxation and recreation for the people of Maebashi. There is much beautiful scenery to view and much to do.

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