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Matsuyama (松山市) is a city in Japan. It is the capital of the Ehime Prefecture and is on the Shikoku Island of Japan. Matsuyama is located on the northeastern part of the Matsuyama Plain, which includes Gogoshima Island and the neighboring mountainous area. The temperature is a mild climate. The population of the city is 470,298 with a total land area of 289.35. The city flower is the camellia.

The area around Matsuyama has many industries ranging from shipbuilding, chemicals, oil refining and paper and textile products. The rural areas of the prefecture engage in agricultural production and the fishing industries. They are famous for the citrus fruit such as the tangerine. Some famous crafts from the area are the Hime-daruma Dolls, Iyo-Kasuri and bamboo craft.


Before the Meiji Reformation, this prefecture was known as the Iyo province. Before this period, this area was dominated by fisherman and sailors. They played a role in defending Japan against pirates and Mongol invasions.

In 1602 the city as it is known started developing when Yoshiakira built a castle on Kastuyama Hill. The town was then built at the foot of the hill. This is one of the last castles in Japan standing on its own original form.

In 1889, Matsuyama was granted city status and became the 39th city of modern Japan. Since then many other towns and villages were merged with the city. This is the largest city on the island now.

Points of Interest

  • Matsuyama Castle is the city's landmark. It is 132 meters high and on top of Katsuyama Hill in the center of the city. It was constructed from 1602 to 1627 by the famous samurai Yoshiaki Katoh. It is known as one of three multi-wing castles, situated on a flat-top mountain and attracts many visitors.
  • Dogo Hot Spring is the oldest host spring in Japan. The top of the main building is decorated with the legendary white heron. A large drum is beat at 6:30 each morning to announce the opening. The public bath is on the 1st and 2nd floors. There are other rooms for relaxing. There is also the Yushin-den which is for the use of the royal family only. It is located in the back of the building. Near the main building, there is a modern public bath.

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