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Mito (水戸市) is a city in Japan serving as the capital of the Ibaraki Prefecture. The total population as of 2005 was about 250,000 people.

The cultural dedication of those living in Mito contributes to the great amount of special festivals playing out through all four seasons. These festivals symbolize many great things found in both present day and past day Japan.

Winter: The Lighting of the Art Tower (Early Dec. – Mid Jan.) Spring: Plum Festival (Feb. 20th – Mar. 31st), Cherry Festival (April 1st – April 22nd) Summer: Hydrangea (June 15th – July 7th), Mito Komon Fest. (First Friday in August) Fall: Clover Festival (Sept. 1st – Sept. 30th), Chrysanthemum (Late Oct. – Early Nov.)


Mito City was founded in 1870; then deemed the capital in 1871. This was a long process as many surrounding areas quickly merged with Mito making it one of the largest cities in all of Japan.

As with most of Japan, Mito suffered greatly during World War II as they were air raided on August 2nd 1945. The raid left behind massive destruction causing over 80% of Mito to burn to the ground. To make matters worst, over 400 people were killed and many severely injured. This dramatic even continued until ending on August 14th 1945.

Since the war, Mito has been completely repaired, some saying it is better than it ever was before. The greater awareness of how quickly things can fall apart has driven government officials to plan for a better tomorrow rather than take today for-granted.

Points of Interest

  • Art Tower Mito is a museum known for its contemporary art exhibits which often feature up and coming Japanese contemporary artists as well as well-known names like Takashi Murakami and Yoshitomo Nara. The building was designed by the famous architect Arata Isozaki. In addition to the gallery space, the tower also houses a concert hall and a theater.
  • Mito City Museum is a special Japanese culture museum home to many key artifacts used in the history of the Japanese culture. You can find many special pieces of Mito architecture, technology, and art.
  • Mito City Botanical Park represents a strong European sense of style with many beautiful features built to fit the lavish flair of Europe. Many gardens come together to form an immaculately designed display of artistic rocks, flowers, greenery, green houses, and tea buildings.

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