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Oyama is a city in Japan located in the Tochigi Prefecture. Reports suggest that in 2006 there were approximately 160,000 people residing in the city. The estimated size of the area is 171.1km.

Oyama has many dependable industries but is mostly recognized for its development of construction vehicles and parts. This has been a major part of the city for years making them the primary supplier of construction equipment companies all over the world.

Oyama City has also played a large role in crafting both goods and clothing. Many fantastic designs used in runway shows all over the world have been created in this city. In fact, Oyama has many deals with great designers all over the world to provide patterns stealing the shows.

History of Oyama

According to documented history the cities name was first recorded during the Heian period. At this time the city was one of the 11 towns governed by the rulers of the Shimotsuke. There have been various theories on what territories were included in the overall area of the city however many believe it to be the exact area called Oyama today.

From the early days to what is now known as the city of Oyama there were many rulers, and industrial developments. Unfortunately, a tremendous amount of misinformation was published during the documentation of the city making any sure facts unverifiable.

In 1954 Oyama was officially deemed a city of Japan when a solid government was finally established. It was at this time that a Mayor was put in charge to ensure a greatly planned and developed city.

Points of Interest

Oyama is most popular for its great sites to go hiking, cycling, or just walking. Many come to the city to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and take in the beautiful landscaping of Japanese and European style gardens.

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