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Sex Pot Revenge is a Japanese clothing line based out of Harajuku in Tokyo, Japan. The brand focuses on providing clothing in the punk style with an emphasis on flamboyance and classic punk mentality. A recent addition to the quickly growing punk clothing scene in Japan, Sex Pot Revenge has used a more direct approach in acquiring music partners and collaborators.


About Sex Pot Revenge

Sex Pot Revenge has been around for a little less than a decade in Japan, focusing on providing the same style of punk clothing that swept the youth culture of the country, but with a different feel to them, offering something beyond the established norm within the trend. The brand was started and has been trademarked by Takashi Eto, well known clothing designer in Japan. The use of striped, tears, and rips in the clothing are common themes but not exclusive. They are used when appropriate to highlight a certain design or style.

The general price of Sex Pot Revenge clothing puts it in the mid-range of fashionable youth products, with jacket prices between 7000 and 120,000 Yen. The low price point in conjunction with a modern, highly integrated advertising campaign has made the team very successful in reaching a wide audience of young Japanese and international fans. A strategy involving magazine coverage, popular band collaboration, and the wearing of their brand logo at concerts has developed the brand further.


The majority of the mainstream success Sex Pot Revenge has enjoyed has come by way of its collaborations with various artists and bands such as Antic Café, Stance Punks, and Under Code Production. In addition to working with these popular artists to produce new products, they have written and published their own free music magazine with information about top new artists, existing bands and movements within the punk scene.

Antic Café Collaboration

The Beach*K/o(U v U)o Tank Top and the I love Beach*K Mesh Cap are both products produced in conjunction with Antic Café, products that the band says symbolize the “fifth member” as the fan. Partnering with Marui Young, a clothing store that carries Sex Pot Revenge items, the band put on an invite-only concert for a select few individuals who purchased the products.

Stance Punks Collaboration

The Young Bastards T-Shirt produced by Sex Pot Revenge was produced with the song “Subete no Wakaki Kuso Yaro” as its theme, engendering the strong message and the logo of shirt.

Under Code Production

The I Love Under Code T-Shirt is a special edition shirt created by Sex Pot Revenge for the label Under Code Production, responsible for acts like Phantasmagoria, Vidoll, and 12012. The colors were chosen by label owner KISAKI and features a heart with the Sex Pot Revenge, safety-pin skull inside of it.

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