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Takaoka is a city in Japan located in the Toyama Prefecture. Population reports sent out in 2003 reported that there are approximately 170,164 people calling the city of Takaoka home. This number has definitely increased since as the economy has become much stronger.

Takaoka is home to many industries dedicated to manufacturing various goods. Copper, paper, aluminum, and chemicals are all produced in the cities industrial zone. Aside from manufacturing the city relies heavily on money made through distribution and international trade.

Transportation services such as the railway have played a large role in the cities history. Famous highways and roads also run through the city making its existence that much more important to those living there, and even those passing through. Village shops line the roads bringing in great amounts of revenue from tourists from all around the world.

History of Takaoka

The monarch Toshinaga Maeda was the original founder of the city. Dedicated to creating a perfectly placed and strictly governed city he immediately began plans for the Takaoka Castle.

It wasn’t until 1889 that the city was officially founded under the new laws of government. Once this took place the city began to grow in size and power.

Points of Interest

  • Old Castle Park Old Castle Park is simply magical as it now features a beautiful garden where the castle once stood. Water still inhibits the moat created at the time and this is what has set the tone of a spiritual presence of those that once ruled the land. Many tourists travel to the city in search of the many historical features still found on this site.
  • Zuiryuji Temple The Zuiryuji Temple is one of the oldest temples in Japan as it was built in the early 1600’s. The temple was deemed a national historical site in 1997 and has since become the most popular tourist attraction in the city of Takaoka.

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