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Ube is a city in Japan located in the Yamaguchi Prefecture. According to reports of population released around 2004 there are approximately 180,000 people calling the beautiful city home.

The city of Ube has taken the environmental issues of modern day living to heart and has put in place numerous plans to improve the cities natural environment. In fact, the city received several awards over the last few years for its exceptional air quality, pollution levels, and overall appearance of its natural essence.

The magnificent scenery of the city seems to discredit its ability to shine in the industrial zone however this is not the case. A large industrial zone where chemicals are created stands tall near the shores while serving as the cities largest economic industry. This has shocked many as the city seems so clean; it is hard to imagine that anyone could keep a city as clean as it is without shutting down the manufacturing plants. This cities ability to conquer the odds serves as inspiration for the entire world.

History of Ube

Ube was officially founded in November of 1921. At this time a sturdy government was put into place and plans for future development in the city were established.

World War II in 1945 caused major damage to the villages of Ube. Many people lost their lives and most of the city was burnt to the ground.

Points of Interest

  • The Watanabe Memorial Hall The Watanabe Memorial Hall is open to the public standing as a memorial for Yusaka Watanabe, the founder and developer of the city. Housing many of the oldest artifacts in Japan, this museum serves as a reminder of the absolute dedication to making the city of Ube one of the best in the world.
  • Tokiwa Park Tokiwa Park is simply magical with its vast amount of beautiful natural greenery. Hundreds of man-hours have gone into making this park a relaxing spot for millions visiting the city each year.
  • Open Air Museum The Open Air Museum has brought tourists from all over the world each seeking the original statues sharing the stories of the earliest Japanese culture. Over 100 statues stand tall in the museum as each one represents a special piece of history.

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