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Urawa is a city in Japan found in the Saitama Prefecture. Great changes have occurred since 2004 and the city of Urawa is now known as Saitama City. While this merge did end the official city of Urawa it is still considered a thriving area that will forever be remembered as Urawa.

The area once known as Urawa is rich in agricultural developments serving the main industries of modern day Saitama City. Since the merge, former city Urawa has contributed greatly to its new found larger city status as the greenest of all areas. The climate, environment, and overall dedication of residents have ensured a bright future for the cities surrounding the area.

Urawa is known as a ward to the city of Saitama. Due to its large role in government activities, it also serves as the center of the cities education and governmental department. Many of the greatest political leaders have residency in the city of Urawa.

In addition to the industries mentioned above, Urawa also serves as the sports center for most of the prefecture. The gymnasium, athletic museum, and stadium are located near the center of the ward. Many great athletes have attended training in some of these nationally famous activity centers.

History of Urawa

Urawa began as an individual city until merging with Saitama City in 2001. Prior to this reorganization the city was populated with well over 150,000 people and had a decent economy.

Points of Interest

Urawa is filled with many wonderful places for tourists to visit. A ward dedicated to mainly government business; the area still has various activities for those seeking out a relaxing evening with the family or quiet business outing.

Large parks are spread throughout the area offering a great amount of greenery for all, both residents and tourists, to enjoy. Each park has a special style fitting the traditional and modern day cultures of Japan.

Museum and sports centers also draw a large crowd in Urawa. Athletes from around the world enjoy these high-tech facilities built to challenge even the best of the best. If your just looking for some fun you may also check out the many family games held year-round at various facilities.

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