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Utsunomiya is a city in Japan located in the Tochigi Prefecture. With the highest population of the entire prefecture, the city is currently serving as its capital. The population reported in 2003 was close to 500,000 however this number is said to have gone up substantially since then.

The industries of Utsunomiya range from tobacco farms and plants to metal production. With a large industrial zone and great amount of area for farming the city has become popular based on its strong economy. In addition to these industries Utsunomiya also heavily relies on tourism.

Serving as the capital to the Tochigi Prefecture has left the city with a large responsibility in governing the entire area. Education, security, and management all play a key role in the daily lifestyle of the residents. The city has also been recognized for working with other governments to build a stronger Japan.

History of Utsunomiya

Utsunomiya was established in 1896. The placement of a firm government and development plan was initiated at this time.

During the famous Boshin Battle the cities castle was literally destroyed by fire. It is recorded that nothing was able to be saved with many significant items and documents being reduced to nothing but ashes.

World War II brought devastation to the entire city when bombs were dropped in the middle of the city. Hundreds of lives were lost and buildings were completely leveled or burned to the ground. While this was a difficult time for many it proved to the world how well the people of the city could come together and create a safer tomorrow.

Points of Interest

  • The Big Gingko The Big Gingko is an attraction that both tourists and residents find meaningful. Resting on the grounds of the original Utsunomiya Castle, this building has been standing tall in the city for more than 400 years. Today, you may tour the inside and outside which all represents the exact style of its original era.
  • Ohya Stone Buildings Scattered throughout the city of Utsunomiya are the original buildings constructed with ancient Ohya Stone. This stone was used in almost all projects for hundreds of years. The sheer stability and versatility of the stone has created beautifully designed pieces proven to withstand the test of time.

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