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The V-Rock Festival is a Japanese Visual Kei or rock music festival scheduled for October of 2009. The festival was first announced by Japanese concert promoters Creative Man Japan in early June of 2009. When the V-Rock Fest was first announced, no band names were mentioned, but the promoter said that there would be 50 bands playing the concert, presumably all or mostly visual kei or at least visual bands.

Rumors began to circulate immediately on Japanese blogs and message boards. Adding to the speculation, on June 1st, the band SoHoDolls made a post on their Twitter account saying, "Japan! V-Rock! Us and Marilyn Manson - does it get any better? October 24th. You Heard it here First."

From that and other sources, the rumors are that the V-Rock Festival will be the largest Visual Kei music festival in the world and that it maybe be held on October 24th and 25th 2009 at Makuhari Messe near Tokyo - the same venue as Summer Sonic. The only bands that fans seem to agree will be appearing are Marilyn Manson, SoHoDolls, and Gazette - but even those are just rumors so far.

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