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Kiminori Morishita is a Japanese clothing brand of the same name as its creator. Morishita, who first launched his menswear collection in 2002 in Tokyo, Japan, is known for its use of materials that appear and feel slightly used – giving his line a vintage appeal.


Hailing from Hiroshima, Japan, Kiminori Morishita began his career in the fashion industry with Tete Homme Co., Ltd in 1986, later becoming an assistance to Kazutaka Katoh, the company’s lead designer and founder. Morishita became the lead designer himself of Tete Homme Garnier in 1994 and later of Tete Homme in 1998. After four years at the helm of Tete Homme, Morishita started his own label in 2002 with Kiminori Morishita.

The initial runway shows for Kiminori Morishita were during the Tokyo Fashion Week between 2003 and 2005 before Morishita took his products to Paris in January of 2005 for the Autumn Winter show of 2005/2006. During this show, when he was introduced to the international community, Morishita managed to secure orders from 20 major shops in Europe and North America including the likes of Dantone in Milano, L’eclaireur in Paris, and Harver Nichols in London.

Brand Style

The Kiminori Morishita brand is best known for its use of military and vintage inspired materials in modern, luxurious clothing and cuts. Technologically advanced materials are combined with handmade methods including dying, shaving, pulverizing, and modification to create a unique product in each garment.

Common features of Morishita’s clothing includes things like short-cut trousers and slacks, turned up shirts with colors like orange and grey, striped socks, and vintage style accessories such as knapsacks, bow-ties, earflapped hunting caps, and thick, buddy-holly style black rimmed glasses. Footwear with bright colors and street influences are also part of the line.

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