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AS KNOW AS de base (AS KNOW AS) (Japanese: アズノゥアズ ドゥ バズ) is a Japanese fashion brand. They have several other related brands that all start with the "AS KNOW AS" prefix.


The Japanese clothing company AS KNOW AS was founded in 1989 by two mysterious people, whose names are not listed on their website, and ever since it has rocked the Japanese fashion scene. Their goal is simple: to supply stylish, high quality casual wear for women to please their customers. The company carries five different clothing lines: AS KNOW AS de base, [AS KNOW AS olaca, AS KNOW AS Pinky, Nanashi, and, last but not least, AS KNOW AS de wan, their line of trendy accessories for dogs.

AS KNOW AS de base is their original line of clothes. This line pays special attention to detail while offering quality street-style clothing. Though the clothes are cute and pretty, they give off an adult aura, too.

AS KNOW AS olaca is AS KNOW AS's plus size line. "olaca" is another way to spell the Japanese word "ooraka", which means "big hearted". This line features a variety of plus sized women's clothing that flatters the figure.

AS KNOW AS Pinky is the line for any young woman who pays special attention to detail. The clothes are basic, colorful, and are made from the finest materials. According to AS KNOW AS's website, this line is great for "spicing up one's wardrobe".

If a woman is looking for a flexible, sharp, mix-and-match look, they need look no further than AS KNOW AS's Nanashi line. This line is both adult and feminine, as well as suitable when one needs to be a little dressed up. This line features mostly clothes that are black and white.

Finally, AS KNOW AS has their own dog clothing line called AS KNOW AS de wan ("wan" is Japanese for "woof"). This adorable line of trendy dog clothes and accessories is excellent for a young woman who wishes for her dog to be as dressed up as she is. Some of the doggie accessories even match items from the other clothing lines!

AS KNOW AS features a variety of stylish, trendy clothes in a variety of colors and sizes. They have something for just about everyone and their dog! If you're looking for both high fashion and versatility, AS KNOW AS is a good bet in the world of Japanese fashion.

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