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Ai Yamaguchi is a Japanese contemporary artist who is known for her series of lithographs and etchings. Her work, which has been used for everything from cosmetic ads to public gallery shows, has made her one of the best known current artists outside of Japan.

Popular Works

Her early work, which started in the 1990s is not as well known or as popular as her more recent work, which can best be recognized starting with “H anabukuro”, a series of lithographs printed between 2002 and 2003 that was first exhibited at Gallery Eve. The sensation of youth and newness in her work and her standing apart from any contemporary group of artists made this series fresh and it caught a great deal of attention.

Her series of etchings, entitled “Sukutoko” in 2003 was a turning point for her, bringing her success in both Japan and overseas after her show at Roberts & Tilton. Her next work, “Shu by Ai” – a collaboration with cosmetics producer Shu Uemura furthered her career even more.

Her first color etching, “Kagamishigur” was produced in 2005, followed by “N” and her style continued to develop with her exhibition “Tokoru kami no himagoto ni” in 2006. She held another one person show at the Mizuma Art Gallery in 2007 and has been a major player in Japanese contemporary art.

Overseas Attention

Recently, Ai has been approached by multiple overseas galleries, collectors and universities requesting her work and her presence. A series of lectures at American universities on contemporary aesthetics in Japanese art including a well received one at the University of Washington in 2003 started to spread her name among art lovers in the west and has only furthered her career outside of Japan.

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