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Akita (秋田) is a city in Japan serving as the capital of Akita Prefecture. The Akita Prefecture is located in the Tohoku region. Today the population is an estimated 336,250 since being combined with two other close towns called Kawabe and Yuwa in January 2005.

Some of the greatest industries of Akita are the oil, wood working, metal working, and silk production. Many of the largest companies in these industries are producing enough to be imported in to countries all over the world. Today the oil fields are generating the greatest amount of money for the Akita area.


Akita has been a worldwide known city of Japan since being first being known as Kubota Castle Town in 1604. However it was not until April 1, 1889 that the “modern Akita” was founded. At this time the Ashina and Satake daimyo clans claimed the territory as their capital.

Great devastation shook Akita on August 14, 1945 when Japan announced their surrender in World War II only to be struck by an air attack involving 134 B-39s. Known for being one of the worst bombing, the attack lasted one day and killed over 137 Japanese civilians.

Points of Interest

  • Mt. Taihei Resort is today one of the most popular traveling destinations in Japan. With many activities, Mt. Taihei Resort is open year round featuring ski packages, tennis courts, traditional river fishing.
  • Municipal Gymnasium Another wonderful place to visit in Akita Japan is the Municipal Gymnasium. This gym was constructed in 1994. The Municipal Gymnasium represents the quality, size, and overall structure of an Olympia style gym.

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