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Alice Auaa is a Japanese Gothic Lolita fashion label and clothing brand. The brand, first started in 1993 with the opening of “Alice in Modern Time” in Kobe, Japan has grown to become a premiere location to find and acquire high-end Japanese fashion made in the 19th century style Lolita fashion.


Alice Auaa started in 1993 in Kobe, Japan with a combination of punk, new wave, and gothic clothing. The shop advertised itself as a “London” underground fashion scene with clothing fashioned after punk and new wave music artists of the time. Club events were held early on and the brand worked, through its owner y.Funakoshi to build its credibility and popularity.

In 1995, the Alice Auaa brand was created as a chance to create a more elegant, decadent style to compliment the darker clothing that had been sold thus far. Deals were cast with bands like L’arc en ciel to promote the new brand early on.

In 1997, the Kobe shop closed and the company, now renamed as “Alice e laboratory” moved ot Osaka where the first “Alice Auaa” shop opened. The brand appeared twice in the Osaka collection in 1996 and 1997, showcasing a wide array of elaborate style clothing ranging from wedding dresses done in black with blindfolds, to bound hands and gothic style frill dresses.

In the years to follow Alice Auaa would grow substantially, becoming a major provider of gothic-lolita style clothing throughout the fashion industry, as well as in the music and television industries.

Alice Auaa on NHK

In 2003, Alice Auaa made its first television premiere with Spider’s Web, a showcase for the label’s fashion style along with various musical artists in a sort of variety hour program. In 2005, further broadcasts were made and Alice Auaa has appeared multiple times as the clothing of choice on soap operas and Japanese television programming in which gothic Lolita clothing is needed.

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