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Aomori (青森市) is a city in Japan serving as the capital of the Aomori Prefecture. As reported in the 2005 census Aomori had approximately 314,786 residents in the 372.62km area. With a port which has grown, and come to be known, as the largest in all of Japan many suggest that the population could be much higher than this at this time.

Having such a large and well maintained port has encouraged the growth of communications, distribution, and trade. This is currently, and has been since earliest days, the greatest industry of Aomori. Another tremendous industry currently working its way up is tourism as Aomori has a cultural history with plenty to see.

The Aomori has a strong literal meaning of green woods. The city received this name based on a small area of very green forests resting in the north part of the town. This forest has also been deemed one of the most luscious in the Japanese area with a superb climate ensuring perfect growth in the environment.

While the forests may be great, the weather in Aomori can become fierce in the winter with annual snow reports showing about 130-196cm. These reports top the average snowfall reported in most cities throughout Japan.


In 1625, Aomori was founded by Nobuhira. The first stage to establishing a well planned perfect city was to create a large port, which was done. The second Lord of Tsugaru was to see that the villages be planned and built according to the master plan, something this leader took very seriously.

In 1898, Aomori established itself as an incorporated city. This was said to be the establishment of Modern Day Aomori. Initially the city only had about 21,000 people.

In 1902, Aomori experienced an event later called “Death March”. While working to establish plans for winter weather over 150 people died due to unexpected conditions. This experiment was of course deemed a failure and the winter safety procedures were changed.

In 1910, fire broke out in Aomori killing 26, injuring over 160, and destroying close to 6,000 homes and businesses. This fire is recorded in history as “The Great Fire of Aomori”.

On July 28th 1945 Aomori was targeted by US B29 Bombers which literally destroyed over 90% of the city within 2 hours. While the intentions of this target were undetermined many feel that it was the weather which increased the amount of damage to Aomori.

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