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Chiho Aoshima (青島千穂) is a Japanese pop artists and a popular member of the Kaikai Kiki Collective of Takashi Murakami. Her work has become well known in recent months for its scope and ability to bridge the different styles represented by Murakami’s collective and the western mediums in which she creates.


Aoshima attended Hosei University in Tokyo, Japan and graduated from the Department of Economics before moving to San Antonio, Texas. In San Antonio, she stayed in Art Pace for the duration of 2006, developing her style and artistic influences. Returning to Japan and joining Murakami’s art collective the following year, she started working in art with no formal training, creating scenes of ghosts, demons, young women, and nature.

Her work currently combines many of the classic themes of Japanese art with modern twists and mediums, including large, incendiary prints placed in prominent locations, most famously subway stations around the world.

Her work

Aoshima’s work is mostly large scale images on paper that is printed using heavy printers. She has worked in the past with other mediums however, including leather and plastic to create an alternate textural feel to her work. For Aoshima, the medium is as important as the finished work, adding an added aspect to the piece for interpretation.

Recent works by Aoshima have also included sculpture and animation and her largest piece to date is the 32.5m x 4.8m print she worked on in Tokyo. Her work has become internationally known as well with illustrations on walls in the New York City Transit stations and an exhibition in the Gloucester Road Tube Station in London. These works, commissioned by both cities have made her well known in metropolitan art circles outside of Tokyo as she continues to increase her output.

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