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Avex (エイベックス・グループ・ホールディングス株式会社) also known as “Avex Group Holdings” is a company that funds and holds onto companies that produce music, particularly music soundtracks for movies and anime.



Avex was created from the phrase “Audio Visual Experts.” The company began solely as a CD wholesaler, but by 1990 it already began to create dance music itself and promoted the dance music boom that took place in Japan during that time period.

By 1998 the company was already publically traded. In 1999 they opened their own animation studio as well. Avex’s music group released a CD by Japanese and international pop sensation Ayumi Hamasaki, known as “A Best” in 2001, which not only lead to record profits by Avex but also increased the stock of the company dramatically.

Since 1999, Avex also handles both Walt Disney and Hollywood’s Japanese CD releases. After buying out several Japanese music companies, Avex now owns the rights to several dozens of Japan’s most popular musical artists. In addition, Avex owns the contracts to several popular Taiwanese artists as well.

A Nation

In addition to their CD releases, Avex has a yearly concert known as “A Nation” where they showcase their most popular bands and CD releases. Ayumi Hamasaki, Naime Amuro, BoA and a number of the world’s most popular Japanese artists regularly make an appearance, making it one of the largest and most well known showcases of the popular dance and pop artists of Japan.

Artists on Label

Some of the most well known artists that are under the Avex label include:

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