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Ba-tsu is a Japanese clothing brand that focuses on various different styles, from gothic Lolita, to modern streetwear. Combining the essence of gothic Lolita clothing – the use of school girl style clothing and different methods of dress with modern styles and punk influences, the brand has become popular in multiple different circles of popular fashion in Japan.



Started in the mid 1990s amid the rush of new designers that were taking advantage of the growing interest in the gothic Lolita fashion scene, Ba-tsu was relatively small until its 2002 tapping to provide costumes for the film, Battle Royale. Following the unpredicted success of the film, the company grew in size, opening three new boutiques in Tokyo and becoming a top producer of adult, gothic Lolita chic clothing.


Ba-tsu’s fame has only risen since they took on the role of designing and producing the school uniforms for the cult classic film, Battle Royale in 2002 and its sequel in 2004.

Clothing Style

The clothing produced by Ba-tsu is best known for its combination of school uniforms for both boys and girls with modern twists on the genre, including punk inspired ties and jackets, detailed combinations of the gothic mixture of black and white styles into a single design method, and relatively contemporary, ready to wear clothes that only slight evoke the gothic roots of the designs.

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