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Beams is a brand of Japanese clothing and a chain of Japanese clothing stores that carry Breams brand as well as other clothing brands.

Beams clothing, found in company stores, is part of a mini fashion chain which has recently grown to department store status with outlets now scattering all over Japan. Some of the Beams department stores span over 7 floors with hundreds of products such as interior goods, furniture, galleries, clothing, shoes, and accessories.

The types of clothing offered under the Beams brand include wardrobe classics, shoes, bags, accessories, men's and women's casual, along with custom tailored pieces. The logos and artwork are often characterized as abstract or cartoon in nature giving a fun twist to upscale clothing. Far from following a prescribed patter of prestige, they set their standards to best serve the ever changing styles of life for new generations of Japanese consumers. Popularity of Beams clothing has been driven by the outstanding quality received at a reasonable price.


Established in 1976 and headed by CEO and President Yo Shitara, Beams maintains to be the pioneer of the fashion industry in Japan. Although that may be true in Japan, their influence in America is a minimal. They have even developed an analogy of comparison to what is known as Toyko-ism creating the term beam-ism, simply meaning what is "hot" at Beams is "hot" in the rest of the world.

In May of 2005 Beams began developing its operations abroad. They first opened up a store in Hong Kong initially beginning as a ladies' clothing shop. Since 2006, Beams stores have expanded to several locations in New York, London, and Paris.

In 2006, Beams celebrated its 30th Anniversary in Japan with special promotions, limited edition clothing items, and advertising campaigns.

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