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Black Peace Now is a Japanese gothic themed fashion label and clothing brand. The company, which was formed n 2001 in Shibuya, Tokyo has gone on to become one of the top fashion brands for punk/gothic crossover in Japan.


Brand Style

The basic style of Black Peace Now involves using white tops and base clothing and adding a series of black colors and gothic themed jackets, pants, and tops. Utilizing what is a crossover between both cute (Lolita) and gothic styles, the designs range largely in how they function.

In addition to the Black Peace Now collection, there is a Black Peace Now for Men collection with a great variety to it and the Peace Now collection which caters more toward every day consumers and girls looking for a cute, edgy style.


Like many gothic and punk clothing brands – a field which has become quite crowded with numerous upstarts and new lines trying to gain traction – Black Peace Now has focused intensely on publicity through magazine coverage and musician promotion. In addition to a number of advertisements in magazines like [[Zy], KERA!, and Gab, Black Peace Now has appeared on cover features in KERA!, the [[Gothic Lolita Bible] (volume 11 on 4/25/2008), SHOXX, Cure, and in multiple free publications. In addition, clothing provided by Black Peace Now has appeared in many music videos and TV dramas throughout Japan since 2001.

Shop Locations

Black Peace Now can be found in a handful of locations both in Japan and online. The company’s main headquarters is located at:

  • 151-0062 Japan
  • Former Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • 33-8 Kimati Motoyoyogi
  • Sansanbiru 1F
  • 03-5452-8077

In addition, the main shop location and the one most often cited is located on the 5th floor of the Marui One shopping complex in Shibuya, Tokyo.

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