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DJ Krush or Hideaki Ishi (石 英明) is a well known DJ in Japan. His work, starting in the 1980s has been popularized in music and popular culture throughout japan for more than two decades.



DJ Krush was born in 1962 and dropped out of school at a young age to join a local gang and later the Yakuza. He later left the Yakuza due to moral discrepancies. His first contact with hip hop music was in the early 1980s when he saw the film “Wild Style”, directed by Charlie Ahearn. He decided to become a hip hop artists after viewing the film and soon after purchased the necessary gear to start mixing and using a turntable to pioneer hip hop music in Japan.

Music Industry

As a founding member of the Japanese hip hop industry, DJ Krush has a well respected role in the music field in japan and overseas. His music continues to combine multiple different influences, despite it being commonly referred to as Hip Hop, with ambient, trip hop, and hip hop all mixed together.


  • Krush – 1994
  • Strictly Turntablized – 1994
  • Meiso – 1995
  • MiLight – 1997
  • Back in the Base – 1997
  • Kakusei – 1999
  • Code4109 – 2000
  • Zen – 2001
  • The Message at the Depth – 2003
  • Jaku – 2004
  • OuMuPo 6 – 2007

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