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End of Evangelion (Shin seiki Evangelion Gekijō-ban) was released in 1997. It is a full-length animated film that was created in order to give a different ending to the anime series known as Neon Genesis Evangelion. The fans of the series were upset at the way the anime ended, so a movie was created in order to make the fans happy, and to give them closure to the series. The movie has two parts to it, one is called Episode 25: Air and the other is Episode 26: My Purest Heart For You.


The original series, Neon Genesis Evangelion, is about a post apocalyptic world, in which a shy boy, named Shinji Ikari, winds up being one of the only people left to pilot a huge, mechanical monster known as an Angel. In Episode 25, the team is once again trying to save themselves, and the world; this time for the final time. Shinji finds himself put into the role of hero, once again, which is a role he is extremely uncomfortable with. The city they live in, Tokyo-3, winds up becoming devastated, and members of the team end up dying in the line of duty.

In Episode 26, Shinji is forced to face reality, due to the many deaths of his team. Devastation continues to plague those who would save the world, and more people wind up dying. Shinji ends up, alone, with Asuka, a woman whom he has been obsessing over, but hates.


  • Shinji Ikari – The main character of the series has very little self-esteem, even though he is called upon to be a hero. He becomes obsessed with Asuka, though seems to hate her at times. He is called upon to be an Eva pilot and is reluctant to cause any deaths, but realizes, in the end, what humanity is all about.
  • Asuka Soryu – Asuka is an Eva pilot along with Shinji. She is just 14 but acts much more grown up. She is very independent but is also extremely insecure. She is a teenager who is having to grow up so fast that her innocence gets lost far too young.
  • Misato Katsuragi – Misato is a Major with the military and is the first to convince Shinji to pilot the machines known as Eva’s. She eventually has Asuka and Shinji move in, and it has been a matter of some debate how she feels about Shinji. She is almost twice his age, but gives him an “adult kiss” in the movie, promising more later.
  • Rei Aynami – Rei is a very withdrawn teenager who is responsible for piloting one of the Eva’s. It is through her relationship with Shinji that she starts to come out of her shell and enter humanity a bit, but she is still very much a loner. Rei is a good pilot, but is one step below both Asuka and Shinji.

Gendo Ikari – Gendo is the father of Shinji. He is the creator of the Eva’s, which is the only thing that can save the world.

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