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Fukui City (福井市) is a city in Japan. It is the capital of the Fukui Prefecture and is located in the northern part of the prefecture. The city is located near Mount Asuwayama and Mount Kunimidake. The Asuwa River runs directly through the middle of the city. The city is both by Lake Biwa and the Sea of Japan. The Population of this city as of February 1, 2006 is 271,616. The land mass is 536.17 square kilometers, but most of the population lives in a small area. The mayor of the city is Masaru Sakagawa. The city flower is the Hydrangea and the tree is the Pine.


This area was ruled by the Asakura tribe almost 500 years ago. This tribe built their castle in the Ichijodani area of the city. The next ruler to take over was Katsuie Shibata around 1550. Then in the early 1800's Shangaku Matsudaira too over as the last ruler of the area. He helped gather important people together for the emperor when the power was turned over to him.

There have been several different disasters destroy this town in the past hundred years. During World War II because of its port access, this city was bombed and nearly demolished. Allied bombing in1945 did not stop this town from growth. They soon rebuilt to be destroyed by a major earthquake in 1948. The city still recovered and proclaimed the phoenix as their symbol because it symbolizes energy and vitality.

Points of Interest

A very fascinating site is Asuwayama Park. This park is 383 feet high on top of Asuwa Mountain. This is located in the Southwest part of Fukui City. There are many trees and forestry on the mountain with mysterious ancient ruins. There is a statue of Emperor Keitai, several burial grounds and tombs. There is a Natural History and History Museum as well. If that is not enough, there is a mini zoo and playground for the kids.

The Fukui Castle ruins are full of history. This castle built in 1606 by Yuki Hideyasu who was a close relation to the first lord of this province. He provided a line that ruled this area many years. This castle was 37 meters high, five stories and surrounded by triple moats. This great building was destroyed by a fire leaving only stone walls and part of the moat. The famous Fukonoi or good luck well is located at the base of the stone. Now the prefectural government building stands on the site of the castle ruins.

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