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Fukushima (福島) is a city in Japan. It is located within the Fukushima Prefecture. As the name denotes it is also the capital of this area making it one of the most important cities in this area. Fukushima is located inland and has no access to the water. This city lies in a basic surrounded by the Azuma Mountains to the west and the Abukuma Highlands to the east. The Abukuma River is close by. The entire area includes 750 square kilometers of land. The population of this city has reached an all time high of 290,000 and is growing as tourist decides to make their home in the beautiful city. The city tree is the keyaki and the flower is the peach blossoms.

Agriculture is one of the best industries in this area. There are also many areas that take part in manufacturing, commerce and of course tourism. All three of these areas are promoted in order to help strengthen the economy. It is believed that all areas of an economy must be stimulated to cause growth.


Fukushima was founded as a city on April 1st, 1907. Long ago in this area there was a plain called the Adachigahara. It was said to be haunted by a cannibal goblin who took the form of an old woman. Travelers were known to disappear and never be heard from again. In the past this area had flourished by transporting silk to the coastal areas in the prefecture. In 1894 railways began opening up making it possible for industrial growth. After the railways were constructed this area supplied much of the coal for the Tokyo area. Then in 1899 the Bank of Japan opened its first branch up in this city.

This area has always had a sufficient amount of water supplies and in 1959 the first hydroelectric power station was made in this area. This station helped supply Japan with much needed power during World War II. The call for more reliable energy sources lead to the start of a nuclear power construction. Nuclear power is the foremost energy source now.

Points of Interest

The Bandai Azuma Skyline is connected to Takayau Spa and Tsuchiyu Touge. It expands over 30 square kilometers. This area was the center for ascetic practices of priest in the past and is known for many miracles happening. This area was claimed to be haunted by the goblins that haunted the Adachigahara area. Many of the mountain ranges are viewed from here. The stars are observed in this area by a massive telescope. It is located on the Jyoudodaira in the middle of the skyline.

During the winter season the Azumi Ski Ground is a spot for tourist and natives alike. It is located above the Takayu Spa. A car can be taken from the Kukushima station. There are five slopes and all types of skiers will enjoy this area. In the same area is the hot spring which is known to have healing powers and is very relaxing.

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