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HeartE is a Japanese gothic Lolita clothing brand. Based out of Tokyo, Japan, HeartE has been making clothing since 1988 and focuses largely on producing clothes that combine Victorian and Edwardian era styles and designs with modern cuts and products. Their logo, consisting of imagery from Alice in Wonderland and their website, which is covered in images reminiscent of the animated film, are cues to much of their inspiration.



The concept behind HeartE is to fuse the color and patterns from much of where Gothic Lolita clothing gets its inspiration – in the 19th century – and reimagine it in the confines of modern clothing and cuts. Sheer cut shirts and skirts are patterned with familiar dots and stripes while bags and accessories feature ribbons, lace, and simple, monochromatic color schemes.

Not fitting into any one particular gothic Lolita subgenre, HeartE also utilizes familiar early 20th century style clothing to display the colors and shapes developed by its designers.


HeartE, as the main brand associated with the company, designs and produces women’s clothing. However, there are three separate brands under the label’s umbrella, including:

  • HeartE
  • Strawberry HeartE
  • Boy’s HeartE

Strawberry HeartE is home to a wider variety of clothing for younger children and less costume-like designs. Boy’s HeartE is mostly devoted to accessories, including top hats, ties, watches, and bags.

Shop Locations

HeartE clothing can be found in the label’s main shop in Daikanyama, Tokyo, Japan. Additional outlets for the brand include multiple Atelier locations in Tokyo and Yokohama.

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