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Kappabashi (合羽橋) Street is a shopping area between Ueno and Asakusa where dozens of different restaurant and kitchen supply stores are located. The street is known for having essentially every possible piece of equipment needed for operating a kitchen, small or large though no ingredients or food stuffs are sold here – just non-perishable goods.



Kappabashi includes a wide variety of kitchen and food making supplies, including its famous plastic food models. You will find essentially everything used for Japanese cooking, ranging from simple household wares to industrial and fast food equipment. Shops are lined up along the main street itself and some shops cater directly to industry professionals with stools, uniforms, and large equipment. Other shops are devoted to more casual cooks with vegetable cutters, utensils, and ramen bowls.

Select Shops


Located in the heart of Kappabashi, Tanaka carries a wide variety of lacquerware with a focus on common tableware items such as bowls, trays, and chopsticks.


Kondo specializes in bamboo-made products, known for its light, easy to care for components. They carry a wide array of chopsticks, chopstick holders, strainers, baskets, and other simple kitchen items.


One of the many knife shops in Kappabashi, Kamata provides a wide array of styles and services and is often well versed in the ways of both Japanese style and western knives.


This shop is known for carrying a little bit of everything and takes up a handful of floors to carry it all. Located here is everything from lunch boxes and stationary, to gadgets and serving bowls. It is also one of the few places that sells food stuffs in Kappabashi, though they are often non-perishable.


Well known for its model food products, Maizuru is something of a tourist attraction in Kappabashi as the models are among the most realistic in the world. While most food models cater to restaurants and their services, there are a wide number of souvenirs such as magnets and keychains available.

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