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Kouichi Domoto (born 1 January 1979 in Ashiya, Hyogo) is one half of the duo KinKi Kids, along with Tsuyoshi Domoto. Although the two share the same surname, they aren’t related. Domoto joined the talent agency Johnny & Associates at the age of twelve after his sister sent them his profile. Along with Tsuyoshi Domoto, he formed the group Kanzai Boya in 1993, which was to debut officially as KinKi Kids in 1997.

He has appeared on and hosted numerous TV shows as part of KinKi Kids as well as appearing in numerous commercials and became the face of Hi-C Time, a supplement product for women.

Domoto held his first solo tour from March to May 2004. He is now very well known in Japan due to his having performed for seven consecutive years in the musical SHOCK (now renamed Endless Shock). Domoto wrote the song LOVE together for Johnny's new unit ING Shinkoukei.



  • Deep in Your Heart (2006)
  • Album
  • Mirror (2007)


  • Koichi Dohmoto SHOCK Digest (2002)
  • Koichi Dohmoto SHOCK (2003)
  • Koichi Domoto Live Tour 2004 1/2 (2004)
  • Koichi Domoto Endless Shock (2006)
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