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Lad Musician (ラッドミュージシャン) is a Japanese clothing brand run by fashion designer Yuichi Kuroda.

Lad Musician Brand History

Lad Musician's niche is those tall, skinny boys who wish to look like rock stars. This clothing line is the one stop for anyone wanting to imitate The Strokes or any guy who is taller than the average Japanese man. The brand's concept is easy to spot just by the title and motto of their latest releases: "Cocksucker Blues" and "The Rolling Stones".

Yuichi Kuroda is the designer behind Lad Musician lines like "Cocksucker Blues". He began Lad Musician in 1995 and clung to the glam-rock aesthetic that originally inspired him. The popularity of this Tokyo-based brand has perpetuated a new trend in Japan in regards to body image; men who want to be fashionable want to be tall and as thin as possible. Many fashion designers are now catering to this popular new look.

The silhouettes used by Lad Musician are as tight as they get, and if you combine these skin-tight tops with their leg-hugging jeans, the finished product screams "give me a guitar and a mic and watch me rock!" This look has become enormously popular not only with Japanese men, but also with women who find this type of man attractive.

With everything from tight jeans to leather biker jackets, Lad Musician has it all for the rock star within every young man. Their wide variety of unique clothing that caters to the tall and lanky has a little something for everyone, as long as you don't mind looking like the latest rock music hunk. Lad Musician's clout in the Japanese fashion world is continuing to grow and expand into international markets as well.

Lad Musician Shops

  • Lad Musician is available at an upscale, high fashion boutiques in Japan and internationally at shops that carry Japanese imports fashion brands.

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