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Miyazaki (宮崎市) is a city in Japan found in the Miyazaki Prefecture. Miyazaki is currently the capital of the Miyazaki Prefecture, as well as the largest city in this area of Japan. As reported in 2003 there were 311,000 people living in Miyazaki.

Miyazaki is the center of many Japanese myths as it is home to several shrines said to hold a significant spiritual place in the history of Japan. While most understand that these are myths, some Japanese residents truly believe in the power of the Miyazaki shrines. Myth or no myth, Miyazaki is thought to be the “land of the gods” based on all the myths surrounding its significance in the history of Japan being founded and developed. Today, there are many festivals held to maintain the spirit of what was once thought to be fact.

Miyazaki is home to the Miyazaki International College where they teach liberal arts to both Japanese residents and students coming from around the world. It also has a program for advanced students still working towards high school educations with about one third of their students in this category.


Ancient Times: It was the 4th and 5th century when burial mounds were said to be build on the land. This brought on one of the greatest myths to ever be published about Japan. It was said that the sun goddess sent her grandson to the land. This grandson was supposed to be the advisor, manager, and leader of Japan. To date, no real information can be found to dignify this myth.

Medieval Times: Miyazaki was known as Hyuga during the 16th century. It was around this time that a young man went from Miyazaki to Europe in order to preach his religious belief. This young man was the first to have ever been taken seriously in such times.

Modern day Miyazaki was founded in 1924 as this was the time that a true government was established. While this is the date the city officially hit the Japanese map, the history prior to this date is certainly rich.

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