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Nagano (長野市) is a city in Japan found in the northern area of the Nagano Prefecture. There are two famous Japanese rivers, the Chikuma River and Sai River, located near the city. According to the census done in 2006 there are currently approximately 379,000 people living in 737 square kilometers.

Nagano is a tourist attraction, with more than a million visitors every year. Nagano was brought to the world's attention during the the Winter Olympics of 1998.


1553-1564: Battles of Kawanakajima were held in Nagano. This battle was fierce with many fighter and innocent city people losing their lives. The battle ultimately ended in 1564.

1874: Zenko-ji Earthquake kills almost 10,000 people and injuries several thousands.

1897: Nagano is deemed an official city of Japan as the establishment of their name on the map takes place.

1998: 1998 Winter Olympics are held in Nagano, bringing in close to 10 million additional tourists within a three week period.

2005: Special Olympics World Winter Games are held in Nagano also creating greater awareness of the beautiful city.

Points of Interest

  • Zenkoji Temple was built and used primarily in the 7th century. The development of Nagano was actually planned to surround and showcase this very important building. The building holds significance in both the past and present days of Japan, with many still visiting the temple.
  • Shiga Kogen Heights & Wild Monkey Park is the most popular place for tourists to visit in the Nagano Prefecture. Serving as a multifunction visitor park, this area can be converted into many admirable scenes at which everyone can find their hobby. Skiing, swimming, sightseeing, it can all be done in this special area of Nagano. Wild Monkey Park receives its name as many wild monkeys bathe in the river while tourists are watching.

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